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(X6BIT) 6″ Flex Joint Knife, Push-Out Bit

UPC: 0 3706409027 2

6″ Flex Joint Knife, Push-Out Bit


The ALLWAY® 6″ Flex Joint Knife is a meticulously designed solution to optimize efficiency from inception to completion. Crafted with the professional in mind, this innovative tool boasts a retractable Philips bit and hammer end, eliminating the need for time-consuming searches for screwdrivers mid-task. Beyond its multifunctional capabilities, this joint knife showcases a robust carbon-steel blade with a mirror-polished, hollow ground design, ensuring flawless spackle and adhesive application. Supported by a dual rivet nylon handle, this knife epitomizes durability and control.

  • 6″ carbon steel blade
  • Hollow ground blade, mirror polished to spread spackle and adhesive
  • Professional nylon handle for durability
  • Dual rivet construction
  • Hammer end
  • Retractable Philips bit


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