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In the past, the options for glass and tile scrapers that use a utility razor blade were few. The options that existed had some issues. The handle of these scrapers was not ergonomically designed nor comfortable to hold, not good for extended scraping jobs. The blades were not well secured, retained by friction.

The utility blade scrapers offered by the competition 

There was room for improvement.

Works with butterfly & three-notch utility blades

Works with butterfly & three-notch utility blades

The ALLWAY® Long Handle Utility Scraper provides window cleaners, contractors and DIYers with convenience and versatility. The scraper has a long, ergonomic handle which offers extended reach. Its shape ensures a secure, comfortable hold. The Long Handle Utility Scraper comes with a butterfly blade (BFL), boasting dual edges. Need to change blades? Press the button for release. Remove the end cap for two spare blades stored inside.

Remove end cap for extra blades

Remove the end cap to access extra blades

This scraper can also work with our standard three notch utility blades (RKB) & (KBS), both of which are available in major retailers, online and your local mom and pop hardware store.