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(BC5) 5-In-1 Painter’s Tool

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5-In-1 Painter’s Tool

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The ALLWAY® 5-In-1 Painter’s Tool keeps brushes and rollers in top shape for enduring performance. The stainless steel teeth, standard roller and mini roller cleaners help remove and clean paint from brushes and rollers. The tool can also be used to open paint cans and the silicon squeegee cleans the rim of the can. The cleaner is made of engineered plastic for longevity and durability.

  • Clean & rejuvenate paint brushes
  • Open 1-gallon paint cans
  • Clean standard roller covers and mini roller covers
  • Clean paint can rim with silicon squeegee end that fits precisely into the grooves
  • Stainless steel teeth will not rust
  • Made of strong engineering plastic, the handle lasts longer than standard wooden brush combs and holds the teeth more effectively