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(BMT) 6-½” Heavy-Duty Masonry Brush

UPC: 0 3706414035 9

(BMT) 6-½” Heavy-Duty Masonry Brush


The ALLWAY® 6-½” Heavy-Duty Masonry Brush is a practical and economical solution to handle both interior and exterior painting jobs or cleaning works. Ideal for cement, concrete, and masonry, as well as work on sealants and waterproofing materials, this brush is a versatile tool you’ll find yourself reaching for again and again. Featuring high-quality solid round tapered nylon filaments, the brush offers impressive paint pickup and long-lasting durability. The soft-grip handle provides both comfort and control, while the perfect shaped wooden handle surface has been sanded smooth for a comfortable grip. Not just for painting, this masonry brush is also great for quickly applying wallpaper adhesives.

  • Ideal for cement, concrete & masonry while also also designed for work on sealants and waterproofing materials
  • Soft-grip handle offers comfort and control. Quickly applies wallpaper adhesives
  • The practical and economical Masonry Brush are great for both interior and exterior painting jobs or cleaning works.
  • High quality solid round tapered nylon filaments are durable & long-lasting with amazing paints pick-up.
  • Perfect shaped wooden handle surface was sanded very smooth for comfortable holding.