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(DSP100) 3-Notch Utility Blades, 100-Pack

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3-Notch Utility Blades, 100-Pack

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The ALLWAY® 3-Notch Utility Blades are made of high carbon steel, measuring 0.024 inches in thickness, ensuring exceptional durability and longevity. Each blade is professionally ground and honed to perfection, offering a razor-sharp edge for precise and effortless cuts. With its versatile design, these blades fit all utility knives and scrapers, providing you with the flexibility and convenience you need. The blades come in a dispenser that safely holds 100 blades, made of high impact engineering plastics, which are sturdier than other brittle black dispensers in the market. The dispenser is clear, so you can easily see how many blades you have remaining, eliminating guesswork and ensuring you never run out of blades when you need them most. Moreover, the dispenser is designed to accept used blades for safe disposal, making it environmentally friendly and easy to use. With its ergonomic design, the dispenser is comfortable to hold, making it easy to use for extended periods.

  • Heavy duty (0.024”) blades – high carbon steel
  • Professionally ground and honed blade edge
  • Fits all utility knives and scrapers
  • Dispenser that safely holds 100 blades is made of HIGH impact engineering plastics, versus other brittle black dispensers in the market
  • Clear so that you can see how many blades you have remaining
  • Dispensers also accept used blades for safe disposal
  • Made in the USA