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(DW5PK) Drywall Repair Kit

Drywall Application Kit


The Drywall Repair Kit is the ultimate kit for making repairs on damaged walls and ceilings. The kit offers a fast, easy and simple way to repair drywalls. Get professional quality repairs on your drywalls with Drywall Repair Kit.

  • Ideal for small repair jobs on damaged walls and ceilings
  • 14-inch injection-molded mud pan with 2 steel-wiping edges for scraping your tape knife
  • 10-inch soft-grip tape knife with blue, carbon steel blade for spreading compound
  • 6-inch nylon handle tape knife with flexible blade for spreading and smoothing compound
  • 17 yards of 2 inch fiberglass mesh tape for a professional, flat finish
  • Medium grit sanding sponge to remove any surface imperfections