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(FE4) 2-½” 4-Edge Soft-Grip Wood Scraper (With File)

UPC: 0 3706406200 2

2-½” 4-Edge Soft-Grip Wood Scraper (With File)


The ALLWAY® 2-½” 4-Edge Soft-Grip Wood Scraper can be used for a variety of paint scraping applications. The scraper features a dual molded, soft grip handle and a 2-1/2″ four-edge blade. The blades feature exclusive camber ground edges with 2 edges for aggressive scraping action and 2 edges for fine scraping. The wood scraper blades are perfect for clearing out old paint chips and debris from painting surfaces and can be easily sharpened with the included mini blade file for lasting efficiency during lengthy projects.

  • Dual molded, soft grip handle and tempered steel blades
  • 4 Edges: two for rough scraping and two for fine scraping
  • Quickly prepare your surface for paint – the FE4 cuts through caked on paint and debris like a hot knife through butter
  • Easily sharpen blade edges with the included mini file magnetically retained inside the handle
  • Exclusive 2-1/2″ camber ground blade