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(GSM100) Mini Glass Scrapers, Bucket of 100

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Mini Glass Scrapers, Bucket of 100

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The ALLWAY® Mini Glass Scrapers come in a high-visibility clear plastic bucket, making them easy to locate and store. These versatile tools are perfect for removing tape and labels from delicate surfaces. They can remove adhesive, dried paint, and other materials from most flat surfaces without leaving a scratch. The push-button lock, made of Celcon, allows for easy blade changes, making maintenance a breeze. Their compact design offers easy and comfortable usage, while the pocket-sized nature of the scrapers makes it convenient to carry around for quick touch-ups on the go.

  • 100 mini glass scrapers per bucket
  • All metal construction with push/pull action
  • Holds single edge blade that slides in and out for use and safety
  • Blade can be replaced by sliding the blade holder out the back and switching in a fresh blade
  • Cuts corrugated cardboard, paper, wallcovering and other materials