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(GT) 2-in-1 Glazing Tool

UPC: 0 3706409020 3

2-in-1 Glazing Tool


The ALLWAY® 2-in-1 Glazing Tool is the perfect choice for spackling, scraping, and spreading. The slotted V-blade allows you to apply a smooth strip of putty, while the scraper and chisel help remove old putty and drive push-style glazing points. This versatile tool is made with carbon steel blades and a solvent-resistant handle for durability.

  • Featured glazier’s tool used for spackling, scraping, and spreading
  • Dual rivet construction
  • Tempered, mirror polished carbon steel blades
  • Scraper for removing old putty and driving push-style glazing points
  • 1-1/4 in. scraper blade
  • Flat edge also has a chisel end
  • Slotted v-blade for applying a smooth strip of putty
  • Solvent proof nylon handle designed to provide extra durability
  • Comfortable and sturdy grip


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