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(GT3) 3-Piece Wood Graining Set, Carded

Wood Graining Set, Carded

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The ALLWAY® 3-Piece Wood Graining Set simulates alluring wood grain patterns. This is the perfect tool for professionals and DIYers who desire to decorate walls, window frames, beams, wooden benches, doors, desks, wooden furniture and many other flat surface. This set comes with three kinds of wood graining tools, two of which can be attached to a detachable handle for installation. The triangle comb is helpful when you need more control over the wood grain effect. The three sides provide different sized teeth, allowing you to create various wood patterns. It doesn't matter if you have expert skills or are just starting out, this tool makes wood graining decoration more convenient and faster.

  • 3 piece set that simulates natural wood grain patterns
  • Contains the following: 4” quarter round, 2” quarter round, 3”” triangle graining comb
  • Create wood patterns on walls, window frames, beams, doors, desks, etc.
  • Made of durable & easy to clean materials
  • Easy to use