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(HS) Handy Saw w/1 Metal Cutting Blade, Uncarded

UPC: 0 3706404005 5

Handy Saw w/1 Metal Cutting Blade, Uncarded


The ALLWAY® Handy Saw is the ultimate tool for precision cutting. This pistol grip keyhole saw features a 7-1/2″ blade that effortlessly mounts in four positions, offering unparalleled versatility. With the included metal cutting blade (HB24T), your cuts will be not only precise but also remarkably smooth, thanks to the automatic blade fastening mechanism. Experience the convenience of flush cuts like never before with the ALLWAY® Handy Saw, a go-to companion for all your cutting needs.

  • Pistol grip keyhole saw with 7-1/2” blade
  • Mounts in four positions
  • Blades fasten automatically
  • Cuts flush