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(KB92-5) 2-Notch Utility Blades, 5-Pack

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2-Notch Utility Blades, 5-Pack

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The ALLWAY® 2-Notch Utility Blades, now available in a convenient 5-pack blister card, will elevate your cutting game. Crafted from high carbon steel, these blades are the epitome of reliability and durability, designed to effortlessly conquer even the toughest cutting tasks. With a robust thickness measuring 0.024″, they offer unmatched strength and longevity, ensuring you can tackle your projects with confidence. Engineered to fit seamlessly into the majority of utility knives on the market, these blades provide wide-ranging compatibility and versatility. Trust in the precision and quality of these Made in the USA blades to elevate your cutting capabilities to new heights.

  • 5-pack blister card of 2-notch, heavy-duty utility blades
  • Made of high carbon steel
  • .024″ thick
  • Fits most utility knives in the market
  • Made in the USA