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(MK3-50) Neon Micro Knives, Bucket of 50

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Neon Micro Knives, Bucket of 50

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The ALLWAY® 50 Neon Micro Knives come in a high-visibility clear plastic bucket, making them easy to locate and store. Each bucket contains 50 compact Lexan micro knives, each just 2.5″ long, with a convenient push/pull action for easy blade deployment and retraction. These knives hold a single-edge blade measuring 1.125″ in length and 0.017″ in thickness, perfect for cutting corrugated cardboard, paper, wallcovering, carpet, and more. Designed for safety and efficiency, the blades slide in and out seamlessly, and replacements are simple with compatible ALLWAY® Micro Blades (sold separately). Ideal for any professional’s toolbox or workbench, these neon micro knives offer durability and precision for a variety of cutting tasks.

  • 50 Lexan micro knives with one blade per bucket
  • Compact, plastic construction with push/pull action; total knife length is just 2.5″
  • Holds single-edge blade that slides in and out for use and safety; Blade dimensions: 1.125″ length x 0.017″ thickness
  • Ideal for cutting corrugated cardboard, paper, wallcovering, carpet, and more
  • Includes 1 Blade: Blade can be replaced by sliding the blade holder out from the back and switching in a fresh blade; compatible with ALLWAY MKB5 Micro Knife Replacement Blades (sold separately)
  • The perfect addition to any professional’s industrial or workshop toolbox or workbench

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