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(MP25) 2-½” Straight-Edge Paint Brush

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2-½” Straight-Edge Paint Brush

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Whether you’re a professional or DIYer, the ALLWAY® 2-½″ Straight-Edge Paint Brush is a must-have for any interior painting project. It’s great for painting window frames, trims, narrow corners, detailed areas and craft projects. The polyester blend bristles come in a tapered and pointed design, holding more paint for greater efficiency and provides a smoother stroke. The reinforced hardwood handle offers its user a comfortable and stable grip. At the brush end of the wooden handle, the stainless-steel ferrule provides additional reinforcement. This brush is reusable and easy to clean; just remove excess paint brush with a brush comb, rinse well and dry in an upright position to allow water to drip off.

    • 2-½” flat edge brush
    • Durable construction
    • Polyester blend bristles come tapered and pointed
    • Reinforced hardwood handle
    • Reusable and easy to clean
    • Use with all paints, stains and varnish