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(NMB) Mini Nylon Brushes, Bucket of 25

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Mini Nylon Brushes, Bucket of 25

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The ALLWAY® Mini Nylon Brushes come in a high-visibility clear plastic bucket, making them easy to locate and store. These brushes feature a patented handle design that provides a comfortable, non-slip grip, even when wet or oily. The handles are also chemical resistant and solvent proof, ensuring they can withstand tough conditions. Equipped with durable nylon bristles, these mini brushes are perfect for delicate finishing tasks and light-duty cleaning on various materials, including metal, wood, and plastic. Ideal for both professional and DIY use, they are great for automotive detailing, intricate metalworking, woodworking, and any other tasks that require gentle yet effective cleaning. The compact size of these brushes allows them to reach tight spaces where larger brushes cannot, making them exceptionally versatile and practical.

  • 25 mini nylon brushes per bucket
  • Nylon brush is ideal for finishing and light duty paint and rust removal
  • Features extra tufts of bristles on the tip of each brush head for extra tiny areas – Solvent and chemical resistant
  • Soft grip, offset handles offer a secure grip for comfort and control


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