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(PB1) 9-½” Pry Bar

UPC: 0 3706410004 9

9-½” Pry Bar


The ALLWAY® 9-½” Pry Bar serves various light-to-medium duty tasks such as removing molding, opening boxes, and scraping paint. It features a rounded ground scraper end with a slot for effortless nail extraction. Crafted from hardened and tempered carbon steel, this versatile tool ensures exceptional strength and durability. This handy tool caters to painters and do-it-yourselfers, facilitating tasks like molding and tile removal, box opening, paint scraping, and nail pulling. Its high carbon steel construction, hardened and tempered for durability, guarantees reliability for long-lasting use. Plus, its compact size fits easily into toolboxes or pouches, ensuring accessibility whenever needed.

  • Handy tool for painters and do-it-yourselfers
  • Used to remove molding and tiles, open cracks and boxes, scrape paint, pull nails and for other light-to-medium duty jobs
  • High carbon steel, hardened and tempered
  • Rounded ground scraping end
  • Nail pulling slot
  • Fits easily into tool boxes or pouches
  • Strong, durable tool for long lasting use