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(SB18-5B) 8-Point 18mm Blackened Steel Snap-Off Blades, 5-Pack

UPC: 0 37064 41018 6

8-Point 18mm Blackened Steel Snap-Off Blades, 5-Pack


The ALLWAY® 8-Point 18mm Blackened Steel Snap-Off Blades are thoughtfully crafted to perfectly fit most standard snap knives. These blades stand apart with their unparalleled sharpness, thanks to the blackened carbon construction that exceeds the cutting performance of conventional blades. Boasting eight finely-honed points per blade, they offer an extra level of keenness, effortlessly revealed through the integrated blade snapper feature. This set includes 5 18mm snap blades, each meticulously fashioned from high carbon steel for durability. Unleash their exceptional sharpness cautiously, and experience a new standard in precision cutting.

  • 5 standard 18 mm snap blades
  • Each blade has 8 sharp points
  • Blades are extra keen for added sharpness
  • Blackened carbon blades that are considerably sharper than standard snap blades
  • Made of high carbon steel
  • Use with caution