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(SB25-20B) 7-Point 25mm Blackened-Steel Snap-Off Blades, 20-Pack

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7-Point 25mm Premium Blackened-Steel Snap-Off Blades

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The ALLWAY® 7-Point 25mm Premium Blackened-Steel Snap-Off Blades, tailored to seamlessly fit into standard 25mm snap knives. Enhanced with an exceptional keenness, these blades, 25% sharper than standard counterparts, redefine cutting precision. Employ a blade snapper or pliers for effortless and secure point exposure. This set encompasses 5 heavy-duty 25mm snap blades, each boasting 7 points, all fashioned from premium blackened high carbon steel. For the utmost convenience, a dedicated dispenser ensures organized storage, making these blades an essential tool for your cutting needs.

  • 20 heavy duty 25mm snap blades
  • Each blade has 7 points
  • Blades are extra keen for added sharpness
  • Premium high carbon steel, blackened
  • Convenient dispenser for storage