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(EK) Neon Easy Kutter

UPC: 0 3706407030 4

Neon Easy Kutter


The ALLWAY® Neon Easy Kutter is a tool designed for precision and ease. Crafted with an all-metal construction, this cutting instrument offers reliable durability and effortless push/pull action for seamless operation. Its innovative design includes a convenient single-edge blade that smoothly slides in and out for both usage and safety, allowing you to tackle a variety of materials, from corrugated cardboard and paper to wallcovering and more. Plus, maintenance is a breeze – when it’s time for a fresh blade, simply slide out the blade holder from the back and replace it with a new one.

  • All metal construction with push/pull action
  • Holds single edge blade that slides in and out for use and safety
  • Blade can be replaced by sliding the blade holder out the back and switching in a fresh blade
  • Cuts corrugated cardboard, paper, wallcovering and other materials
  • Comes in mixed neon colors.