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(SK9M) 9mm Metal Snap-Off Knife, 1 Blade

UPC: 0 37064 41001 8

9mm Metal Snap-Off Knife, 1 Blade


The ALLWAY® 9mm Metal Snap-Off Knife is designed to meet all your everyday cutting needs while offering unbeatable value. With its razor-sharp 13-point blade, this knife effortlessly tackles any cutting task with remarkable precision and ease. It delivers exceptional functionality but also makes a bold statement. Equipped with one durable carbon steel blades, this knife ensures long-lasting performance, while its robust stainless-steel track guarantees unwavering strength and reliability. The ALLWAY® 9mm Metal Snap Knife is your go-to tool for precision cutting.

  • Includes 1 standard 13-point carbon steel blade for unparalleled performance and precision
  • Self-locking mechanism adds an extra layer of protection, keeping the blade in place
  • Stainless steel track guarantees long-lasting durability and smooth blade movement
  • Blade snapper helsp snap dull points off for a fresh cutting edge
  • 9mm blade has 13 break points