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(SX4F) 4″ Soft-Grip Flex Joint Knife

UPC: 0 3706409175 0

Soft-Grip Flex Joint Knife


The 4″ Soft-Grip Flex Joint Knife is a prime tool engineered for performance and durability. It is an excellent fit for medium compound spreading jobs. It consists of an soft grip ergonomic handle optimized for comfort and a screwdriver bit for countersinking stray screws or nails. This Joint Knife includes a full tang stainless steel blade with a polished mirror finish and are professionally hollow ground for a feel and control that meets our highest standard. It has a built-in hammer end that taps in nails.

  • Hammer end taps in loose nails
  • Soft ergonomic grip, feather soft rubber molded on a solid core
  • Screwdriver tip, hardened bit magnetically retained by rare earth magnets
  • 4″ stainless steel flex blades, hollow ground for peak performance


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