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(TG1-25) 5-in-1 Stainless-Steel Painter’s Multi-Tools, Bucket of 25

UPC: 0 3706408009 9

5-in-1 Stainless-Steel Painter’s Multi-Tools, Bucket of 25


The ALLWAY® 5-in-1 Stainless-Steel Painter’s Multi-Tools come packaged conveniently in high-visibility clear plastic buckets for easy location and storage. These tools stand out as premium additions to any toolbox, offering the performance of five distinct tools in one, saving both time and space. Featuring versatile 2-½” stainless steel blades, they serve as paint scrapers and spreaders/smoothers, while their sharp points efficiently open cracks for patch jobs and their flat ends effortlessly open paint can lids. Additionally, the half round cutouts effectively clean paint from paint rollers. Designed for convenience, these tools are easy to clean and powder coated for enhanced rust resistance, ensuring durability and reliability for all your painting needs.
  • Bucket of 25 5-in-1 painter’s multi-tools.
  • 2-½” stainless steel blade  
  • Paint scraper, spackle & adhesive spreader/smoother, crack & lid opener, roller cleaner 
  • Easy to clean
  • Slides in & out of pocket easily
  • Powder coated for rust resistance


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