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(WP4) 4″ X 4″ Drywall Repair Patch

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4″ X 4″ Drywall Repair Patch

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The ALLWAY® 4″ x 4″ Drywall Repair Patch offers a lasting solution for repairing damaged walls and ceilings. Crafted from rust-proof perforated aluminum mesh, this self-adhesive patch ensures enduring results. To apply, simply prepare the area by sanding, cleaning, and drying it, ensuring the removal of all dust and loose fragments. Remove the backing paper to reveal the adhesive, center the patch over the hole, and firmly press it around the damaged area, ensuring full coverage of the hole by the aluminum mesh. Apply a thin layer of drywall or patching compound, covering the mesh entirely and feathering the edges outward. Let it dry, sand it smooth, and repeat the process for a second coat. Finish by sanding, and then paint or apply wall covering as desired for a seamless repair.
  • Patch walls, ceilings and hollow core doors quickly and easily
  • Peel and stick fiberglass mesh over perforated aluminum plate
  • Full self-adhesive back
  • Will not rust or bleed through latex paint
  • Includes 4″ X 4″ patch


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