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(WPSZ-L-CD) 21″ Zinc-Headed Wall Stripper

UPC: 0 3706481690 2

21″ Zinc-Headed Wall Stripper


The ALLWAY® 21″ Zinc-Headed Wall Stripper is designed to make surface cleaning and maintenance effortless. Its 21″ soft-grip handle minimizes hand fatigue, allowing you to scrub various surfaces comfortably. The Zinc head features a robust 4″ hardened, tempered ground blade, ensuring efficient performance. Safety is prioritized with a blade guard included for secure storage. Additionally, the twist and unlock mechanism enables easy blade changes, streamlining your workflow.

  • 21″ long soft-grip handle allows you to scrub various surfaces with minimal hand fatigue
  • Zinc head utilizes a 4″ hardened, tempered ground blade
  • Features blade guard for safe storage
  • Twist and unlock for easy blade changes


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