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(X3S) 3″ Stiff Nylon Handle Wall Scraper

UPC: 0 3706409009 8

3″ Stiff Nylon Handle Wall Scraper


The ALLWAY® 3″ Stiff Nylon Handle Wall Scraper is a versatile and reliable tool designed for professionals and DIY enthusiasts. With its 3″ carbon steel blade, professionally taper ground and suitable for wood, glass, and ceilings, this scraper ensures superior scraping and preparation. The solvent-proof nylon handle offers a comfortable and sturdy grip, enhanced by durable dual rivet construction. Whether you’re tackling home renovations or professional projects, this scraper is your go-to solution for precise and efficient results, making it an essential addition to your toolkit.

  • 3″ carbon steel blade
  • Professionally taper ground
  • Solvent-proof, nylon handle design
  • Comfortable and sturdy grip
  • Durable dual rivet construction


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