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Alright, folks, let’s talk innovation – it’s like our secret sauce. We’re not just engineering amazing home improvement products for retailer, DIY champs, and the serious folks. Nope, we’re going all out, even in how we package our items. When we get a chance to shake things up and make our packaging look even better, you know we’re jumping on it. Showing some love to the retailers and end-users is a big deal for us.


The old way of displaying mini brushes

Now, check this out – those mini wire brushes we’re dishing out? Would you believe we didn’t start with this? Peek at the picture up there – that’s how we used to showcase this three-pack. So, why the change? Let’s think back. Our game plan has always been about making life easier for both stores and customers. But that old packaging design? It was taking up way too much pegboard space, and honestly, it wasn’t showing off the brush’s superpowers. We’re all about that “get it in five seconds” rule – if it takes longer, we know we dropped the ball.

AMB Allway

The ALLWAY® 3-Piece Soft-Grip Mini Stripper Brush Set.

Just like everything else we’re about, we didn’t just copy what everyone else was doing. Nope, that’s not our modus operandi. We put on our thinking caps, did some detective work on what the other guys were up to, and came up with a game-changer – the six-fold packaging. Sounds fancy, huh? Well, it’s all about saving shelf space, kicking those blister packs to the curb, and making sure you can see all the cool stuff our brush can do. And guess what? Everyone else saw it and thought, “Whoa, that’s genius!” So, if you spot any packaging like that cool one up there, just remember – it was ALLWAY® who kicked off this awesome trend.