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Alas, it’s a shame that our chances of snagging an Oscar for Best Picture are about as likely as finding a unicorn riding a rainbow. We can’t boast the chiseled looks of Brad Pitt or the daring stunt skills of Tom Cruise. But fear not, because being crowned Partner of the Year by none other than Sherwin Williams is practically equivalent to clutching that coveted golden statuette in the world of home improvement! Sure, we won’t be rubbing shoulders with the likes of Matthew McConaughey or Halle Berry in glamorous selfies, but let me tell you, it’s a momentous honor that we aim to repeat next year with a flourish!

Oh, but achieving this feat is no easy task. Sherwin-Williams, for a century and a half, has reigned supreme as the ultimate pioneer of paint and coatings. They’re the heavyweight champion, boasting an astonishing 70% market share, and their portfolio spans over 4,800 neighborhood stores across North America. To be bestowed with such an award means we’re sitting at the high table of the home improvement industry.

What does this award signify, you ask? Well, it’s further proof to all that ALLWAY®, the maker of tools cherished by professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike, has cracked the code. We cater to both tribes with gusto, effortlessly bridging the gap between them. This award is a shining testament to our ability to bring smiles to the fine folks at Sherwin Williams. We have formed a magical bond with them, not merely peddling our wares for the sake of our own profit margins. No, our goals and aspirations are perfectly aligned. We’re in the business of conjuring up mind-blowing products for the end consumer and helping businesses blossom along the way.

Sherwin Williams Award

The Partner of the Year Award Up-Close

So, what does that entail, you ask with bated breath? Well, we employ our insights to unravel the desires of Sherwin Williams’ customers and deliver products that elevate their offerings to newfound heights. In doing so, we have propelled their growth. Our sales and marketing teamwork hand in hand with Sherwin Williams’ managers, representatives, and customers, informing them about our latest products and providing marketing collateral when needed. Even amidst pandemic-induced supply chain challenges, we have emerged with excellent service levels.

In essence, we are and forever shall be the tools you ask for by name.