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If you’re a regular visitor to the local hardware store or home improvement center, you’ve probably come across the terms “chisel edge” and “taper ground” when it comes to putty knives and wall scrapers. Just to clarify, a chisel edge refers to a cutting edge with a bevel on one side, while the other side remains flat, resulting in a sharp edge. On the other hand, taper ground putty knives have a more symmetrical, flat look though they are thicker at the tang.

Allway has always been a major supplier of putty knives, offering both “flex” and “stiff” variations in a wide range of sizes from ¾” to 10″, depending on the line. Our stiff putty knives are taper ground, providing a level of flexibility, though not as much as the “flex” knives. This proved a certain degree of versatility by professionals who preferred the durability of the stiff putty knives, allowing them to spread compound and also scrape materials from walls.

Traditional Stiff vs Chisel - Side Perspective

Traditional Stiff vs Chisel – Side Perspective

However, as with many industries, standards change over time. We’ve observed our competitors introducing chisel edge putty knives, while the traditional stiff ones are gradually being phased out in major home improvement centers. There’s a time and place for traditional stiff putty knives. Incorporating chisel edge into all putty knives limits consumer choice by eliminating the versatility that came with traditional stiff putty knives and forces the consumer to get a flex to properly apply compound.

Here at Allway, we take pride in our heavy-duty scrapers like the FS3, BS3 & BG1, as well as our versatile painter’s tools like the PTG1, NXG1, and countless others, all of which feature a chisel edge. We want to set ourselves apart by continuing to manufacture traditional stiff putty knives, but this decision depends on various factors. The most crucial factor is you, our customers. What’s your opinion on the shift from traditional stiff putty knives to chisel edge? Are you in support or favor of this change? We value your feedback, so please let us know.

Heavy Duty Scrapers

Heavy Duty Scrapers

Together, we can shape the future of putty knives and ensure that the choices available to consumers align with their specific needs and preferences.