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(SB2) Soft-Grip Stainless-Steel Stripper Brush

UPC: 0 3706412130 3

Soft Grip Wide Stainless Steel Stripper Brush, Labelled

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The ALLWAY® Soft-Grip Stainless-Steel Stripper Brush is designed with sturdy stainless steel bristles suitable for aggressive metal burnishing and paint removal. It also has a light-duty plastic scraper end for convenient cleaning of residue. This sturdy brush features an ergonomic soft-grip handle with offset to protect your hand from scratches while scrubbing.

  • Comfortable, patented soft-grip handle allows you to scrub various surfaces with minimal hand fatigue
  • Features nylon bristles
  • Crimped bristles ensure even coverage
  • Features plastic scraper end for easy cleaning of residue
  • Excellent performance on tile, grout, bathrooms and other applications