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(SSK) Metal Self-Retracting Safety Knife, 3 Blades

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Metal Self-Retracting Safety Knife, 3 Blades

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The ALLWAY® Metal Self-Retracting Safety Knife is a game-changer in the world of cutting tools. Crafted with a robust aluminum body, this knife withstands the test of time, ensuring a long-lasting and reliable companion for all your cutting needs. Its self-retracting rounded-point blade, ingeniously designed to minimize puncture injuries, guarantees peace of mind during every task. The knife’s ability to switch effortlessly between short and long blade exposure adapts to your specific cutting requirements, offering unmatched versatility and precision. Thanks to the spring return plastic slider, managing the blade becomes a breeze, while the double overlap feature guarantees optimal blade security at all times. Operating the knife is as intuitive as it gets – a simple push forward and hold activates it, and upon release, the blade promptly springs back into the knife body, ensuring both efficiency and safety. As a bonus, the ALLWAY® Metal Self-Retracting Safety Knife comes equipped with three blades, conveniently stored within the body, ensuring you’re always prepared to tackle any cutting task that comes your way.

  • Durable aluminum body
  • Self-Retracting rounded-point blade for added safety and to help reduce puncture injuries
  • Short and long blade exposure
  • Spring return plastic slider
  • Double overlap for blade security
  • Push forward and hold to operate, release and the blade springs back into the knife body.
  • Includes 3 blades, stored within body