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(WT) Wallcovering Spreader Tool

UPC: 0 3706410110 7

Wallcovering Spreader Tool, Labelled


The ALLWAY® Wallcovering Spreader Tool can smooth your wallcovering while its hanging. Eliminate air bubbles or use the angled edges for corners. This plastic trapezoid shaped tool has tapered edges for flexibility and built in grooves to help maintain grip for firm smoothing. This tool can also be used as a trim guide or paint shield and works well with most wallcovering types.

  • Polyethylene smoother/spreader
  • Ideal for wallpaper, vinyl wrap, window and car lights tint, film install, wall paint, automotive body Fillers, putties and glazes.
  • Round edge squeegee avoid mark or damage the sticker or vinyl.
  • The smoothing squeegee with bigger size is convenient to install the vinyl/film/wallpaper, greatly easy to use for quicker project completion.
  • Perfect tool for bubbles removing, film smoothing during heat forming, border checking after wallpaper application.