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(X3F) 3″ Flex Nylon Handle Joint Knife

UPC: 0 3706409008 1

3″ Flex Nylon Handle Joint Knife


The ALLWAY® 3″ Flex Nylon Handle Joint Knife is a versatile and durable tool tailored for professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Featuring a professional-grade nylon blade and high-quality carbon steel, this joint knife offers exceptional durability and flexibility for various tasks, from applying filler materials to scraping residue. Its blade design, mirror-polished finish, and classic-style nylon handle ensure optimal performance, comfort, and control. With a full-length tang securely attached to the handle with two heavy-duty rivets, this knife provides reinforced strength and support, making it your go-to solution for any project.

  • Flexible blade: works well for spreading spackle and adhesive; made of taper-ground, mirror-polished carbon steel
  • Nylon handle: classic-style handle provides a sturdy hold and a professional look and feel
  • Reinforced strength: full-length tang secured to the handle with 2 heavy-duty rivets for added support
  • Durable construction: consists of 55% carbon steel and 45% nylon


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