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Everything is designed with a clear purpose. This holds true for our three-notch safety knife blades (KBS). Why are they included with our safety knives? Of course, a sharp-point blade (RKB) could get the job done.

A technical fit

A technical fit

Absolutely! They fit just fine! It’s true that the sharp point on the RKB blades could give you the force you need. However, we highly recommend using our KBS blades, available in both 5-packs and 100-packs. Our team of researchers and developers ensured that these round-point blades add an extra layer of safety. They’re shaped to eliminate the risk of puncture wounds entirely. Sounds good, right? And don’t worry, they’re still strong performers – slicing through leather, paper, cardboard, linoleum and more. Plus, they’re gentle on package contents, so no accidental harm when you’re unpacking.

Durability? Check! These babies are made from carbon steel for the long haul. Their precision-honed edge keeps them slicing away consistently for a good long while. We crafted these KBS blades to be best buds with our lineup of safety knives. In fact, these knives are so good that Fortune 500 companies have them in their offices and warehouses, reducing little mishaps and those workmen’s compensation costs. Oh, and they’re versatile – they fit most utility knives out there.

Now, where to snag the KBS blades? You’ll find them in all the usual suspects – big stores, small local shops, and even on Amazon. Happy cutting!