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(WEP30) Drywall Repair Plugs

(WEP30) Drywall Repair Plugs

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The Allway Wall-EZ system is a must have kit for professional and do-it-yourselfers alike, providing the easiest way to have a completely flat surface after drywall repair. In a handful of easy steps, restore the structural integrity of the damaged wall in a matter of minutes. Locate the wall damage or access point, drill a hole around the damaged area with the pilot drill and tapered hole saw attached to any hand drill, insert the Wall-EZ tapered plug into the hole and apply drywall compound to secure it in place. Once the compound dries, sand the imperfections to create the completely flat surface for painting, as needed. The plugs fit damaged areas up to 3-inches. The Allway Wall-EZ plugs are made completely in the USA. Includes 30 Drywall Plugs.

  • Contractor Pak of 30 plugs
  • For use with Allway’s Wall-EZ Drywall Repair Kit
  • Easiest way to have a 100% flat surface after repair
  • Restore structural integrity with drywall plug
  • Made in the USA